AGS Brass Annealer 3.2 – .416 Cheytac, .50BMG

US $ 330.00

AGS Brass Case Annealer 3.2 – for multiple calibers, with digital PWM controller (adjustable from 2.5 to 10 seconds) and interchangeable inserts. Five sets of inserts are included – one set is for .223 and alike cases (with .402″ – 10.2 mm opening), one set is for .308 and alike cases (with .492″ – 12.5 mm opening), one set is for cases with .532 base and alike (with .543″ – 13.8 mm opening) and one set is for .338 and alike (with.622″ – 15.8 mm opening), one set is for .408 Cheytac and similar (with .661″ – 16.8 mm opening), and use without inserts for .416 Cheytac and 50BMG.

Torch holder accepts 1/2” diameter torches, and its adjustable for height (two are included). It also comes with sharpie holder for those who want to mark their brass (0.421″ opening), and tip-over ramp.

Cases are rotated on heating station with separate motor for even heat spread during the annealing process.

Power charger included – 12V DC 2A – which comes with multi (US/UK/EU) wall plugs.

Compact size, 6×6”.

What’s included in the package:
1x AGS Annealer 3.2
1x Wall Charger 12V 2A with EU/US/UK interchangeable plug
1X Inserts set with .402” – 10.2 mm opening
1x Inserts set with .492” – 12.5 mm opening
1x Inserts set with .543” – 13.8 mm opening
1x Inserts set with .622″ – 15.8 mm opening
1x Inserts set with .661″ – 16.8 mm opening
2x Torch holder that accepts 1/2” diameter torch heads
1x Sharpie holder with 0.421″ opening
1x Tapered ramp

Worldwide shipping with fully trackable service is included in the price. Shipping is FREE.

Current turnaround time is up to 3 days, but we usually ship out the next business day. 

Important – we strongly advise you to set up timing and flame every time when you anneal with Tempilaq for proper and consistent results, unless you have regulated burner/s.

PWM controller comes preset for usage, there is no need to adjust it in “MENU” section. User manual is digital and its on the lower part of this page.

In stock (can be backordered)


Download User Manual

1 review for AGS Brass Annealer 3.2 – .416 Cheytac, .50BMG

  1. Paul

    Just getting around to using the machine. Would like to say it works perfectly as advertised and is very excellent craftsmanship. Thank you for building a quality product. Reminds me of the workmanship we once had here in the US.

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