AGS Brass Annealer

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AGS Brass Annealer – for multiple calibers, with interchangeable inserts. Two sets are included – smaller set is for .223 and alike cases (with .402 – 10.2 mm opening), and larger set is for .308 and alike cases (with .492 – 12.5 mm opening). Use without inserts for .338 and alike (.622 – 15.8 mm).

Additional custom insert sizes are available per request.

Torch holder accepts 1/2” diameter torches, and its adjustable for height.

Cases are rotated on heating station with separate motor for even heat spread during the annealing process.

Powered by Wall charger – 12V DC 2A with 5.5mm x 2.1mm jack, which is not included due to differences in power outlets.

Compact size, 6×6”.

Worldwide shipping with Priority mail is included in the price.

Current lead time is 1-3 weeks, this lead time does not apply to custom orders.


13 reviews for AGS Brass Annealer

  1. Vic Grose

    The AGS Brass Annealer is a well made and sturdy piece of equipment. Am impressed with it and it’s simplicity. Wish a parts list and diagram had been included with Annealer when purchased.

    • AGS Custom

      Thank you for your kind comment, we will do something about that parts list in the future.

  2. André Rossouw

    A great product! Well-designed and engineered, and machined with attention to detail. Very easy to use, and versatile for various case sizes. Highly recommended.

  3. Carl de Kock (verified owner)

    The shipping from Serbia was very quick and arrived in Texas 4 days earlier than DHL tracking showed. The unit is very compact compared to other machines and this is a plus if you are limited with space in your reloading area. I’m down-sizing as soon I will be retiring and I will be roaming across the USA in a motor home. This annealer is compact enough to include in my essential reloading kit. That it runs off 12VDC is a major plus also as we will be off-grid a lot.

    How does it work? Very well. I could not be more pleased about the quality in the machine and what it allows me to do.

  4. Francis (verified owner)

    Great company to deal with!!
    I made a mistake and damaged a part. Sent a E-mail and got a reply within minutes.
    I was back in business in no time.
    I love this annealer, small, simple and effective. What else could a guy ask for!
    Thanks AGS!!

  5. Jason (verified owner)

    Arrived in around 4 weeks to Australia
    Nice little machine works well two of my mates are already ordering theirs

  6. MARTIN K FLOOD (verified owner)

    Appreciate the quality and price range of this annealer. I have about a 1000 cases thru it now and wish it was taller so the longer cases could drop out and not double stack, jamming the wheel. Also the supplied bushings are great, but I need a set for 6.5 PRC as the plain wheel is too big and 6.5CM is too small. Not using a bushing causes the cases to not spin, thus heating a single spot of the case. Over all it is well worth it. I would buy again in a heart beat

  7. Jack Ardrey (verified owner)

    Just received my annealer, shipping time was very fast and the manufacturer was great with communications. The unit is very professionally made. I’m not a high volume reloader but strive to make the best reloads I can, while reducing my overhead of buying new brass. I would highly recommend AGS products to anyone seeking quality.

  8. Ray Malsch

    I am very impressed with the machine. Very simple to operate with great results. I would highly recommend this machine, to anyone who enjoys precision reloading.

  9. Frank Lee

    Great solid construction. Ingenious design. Nice and compact. Highly-rated.

  10. Giovanni

    Have my unit close to a year now great product for the price highly recommend if you need one

  11. Edward Toombs (verified owner)

    I bought the annealer and I am 100% satisfied with it I had a lot of Brass just waiting and this annealer stood up to the task So yes I am going to order again Great machine Great quality Thank you very much

    Edward Toombs
    Marion Ohio

  12. Jeroen Smit (verified owner)

    At first I was hesitant ordering something from Serbia, but the reviews were positive. After I ordered I did not get a confirmation e-mail and contacted AGS for the receipt. Stefan texted me almost immediately to let me know he did try to send it, but it bounced for some reason. He then let me know the invoice number and would follow up with shipping information. He kept me informed along the way and the unit arrived, within the promised timeframe, yesterday. The follow-up was great.

    The unit itself is robust, nicely machined, and does everything it promises. All materials are heavy gauge stock and edges are nicely finished. I have plenty of other products that are supposed “professional grade” with far flimsier materials and less precise machining. Overall I’m impressed, both with the product and the customer service. Thanks Stefan.

  13. Tom (verified owner)

    Unit arrived in record time. It has a small footprint (not like the larger products that look like a 33 1/3 LP). I extended its height to allow for greater capacity in the finished bin. Highly recommend this product.

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