AGS Brass Annealer

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US $ 210.00

AGS Brass Case Annealer – for multiple calibers, with interchangeable inserts. Two sets are included – smaller set is for .223 and alike cases (with .402″ – 10.2 mm opening), and larger set is for .308 and alike cases (with .492″ – 12.5 mm opening). Use without inserts for .338 and alike (.622″ – 15.8 mm).

Additional custom insert sizes are available per request.

Torch holder accepts 1/2” diameter torches, and its adjustable for height.

Cases are rotated on heating station with separate motor for even heat spread during the annealing process.

Power charger included – 12V DC 2A – which comes with multi (US/UK/EU) wall plugs.

Compact size, 6×6”.

What’s included in the package:
1x AGS Annealer 1.0
1x Wall Charger 12V 2A with EU/US/UK interchangeable plug
1X Inserts set with .402” – 10.2 mm opening
1x Inserts set with .492” – 12.5 mm opening
1x Torch holder that accepts 1/2” diameter torch heads
1x Catch tray

Worldwide shipping with fully trackable service is included in the price. Shipping is FREE.

Current turnaround time is up to 3 days, but we usually ship out the next business day.

This turnaround time does not apply to custom orders.

Important – we strongly advise you to set up timing and flame every time when you anneal with Tempilaq for proper and consistent results, unless you have regulated burner/s.

User manual is digital and its on the lower part of this page.

Add: Second Torch Holder?

Add: Extra Inserts Set?

Add: Riser?

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43 reviews for AGS Brass Annealer

  1. Vic Grose

    The AGS Brass Annealer is a well made and sturdy piece of equipment. Am impressed with it and it’s simplicity.

  2. André Rossouw

    A great product! Well-designed and engineered, and machined with attention to detail. Very easy to use, and versatile for various case sizes. Highly recommended.

  3. Carl de Kock (verified owner)

    The shipping from Serbia was very quick and arrived in Texas 4 days earlier than DHL tracking showed. The unit is very compact compared to other machines and this is a plus if you are limited with space in your reloading area. I’m down-sizing as soon I will be retiring and I will be roaming across the USA in a motor home. This annealer is compact enough to include in my essential reloading kit. That it runs off 12VDC is a major plus also as we will be off-grid a lot.

    How does it work? Very well. I could not be more pleased about the quality in the machine and what it allows me to do.

  4. Francis (verified owner)

    Great company to deal with!!
    I made a mistake and damaged a part. Sent a E-mail and got a reply within minutes.
    I was back in business in no time.
    I love this annealer, small, simple and effective. What else could a guy ask for!
    Thanks AGS!!

  5. Jason (verified owner)

    Arrived in around 4 weeks to Australia
    Nice little machine works well two of my mates are already ordering theirs

  6. MARTIN K FLOOD (verified owner)

    Appreciate the quality and price range of this annealer. I have about a 1000 cases thru it now and wish it was taller so the longer cases could drop out and not double stack, jamming the wheel. Also the supplied bushings are great, but I need a set for 6.5 PRC as the plain wheel is too big and 6.5CM is too small. Not using a bushing causes the cases to not spin, thus heating a single spot of the case. Over all it is well worth it. I would buy again in a heart beat

  7. Jack Ardrey (verified owner)

    Just received my annealer, shipping time was very fast and the manufacturer was great with communications. The unit is very professionally made. I’m not a high volume reloader but strive to make the best reloads I can, while reducing my overhead of buying new brass. I would highly recommend AGS products to anyone seeking quality.

  8. Ray Malsch

    I am very impressed with the machine. Very simple to operate with great results. I would highly recommend this machine, to anyone who enjoys precision reloading.

  9. Frank Lee

    Great solid construction. Ingenious design. Nice and compact. Highly-rated.

  10. Giovanni

    Have my unit close to a year now great product for the price highly recommend if you need one

  11. Edward Toombs (verified owner)

    I bought the annealer and I am 100% satisfied with it I had a lot of Brass just waiting and this annealer stood up to the task So yes I am going to order again Great machine Great quality Thank you very much

    Edward Toombs
    Marion Ohio

  12. Jeroen Smit (verified owner)

    At first I was hesitant ordering something from Serbia, but the reviews were positive. After I ordered I did not get a confirmation e-mail and contacted AGS for the receipt. Stefan texted me almost immediately to let me know he did try to send it, but it bounced for some reason. He then let me know the invoice number and would follow up with shipping information. He kept me informed along the way and the unit arrived, within the promised timeframe, yesterday. The follow-up was great.

    The unit itself is robust, nicely machined, and does everything it promises. All materials are heavy gauge stock and edges are nicely finished. I have plenty of other products that are supposed “professional grade” with far flimsier materials and less precise machining. Overall I’m impressed, both with the product and the customer service. Thanks Stefan.

  13. Tom (verified owner)

    Unit arrived in record time. It has a small footprint (not like the larger products that look like a 33 1/3 LP). I extended its height to allow for greater capacity in the finished bin. Highly recommend this product.

  14. James H Cockran (verified owner)

    received the unit and could not help myself in trying it out. Had brass annealed within 15 minutes of receipt.
    Love it. Very well made and simple to use. Thanks

  15. DingoRob (verified owner)

    The AGS annealer was delivered in short order. The machine is well protected in the packaging. Upon receipt I immediately set it up to anneal fifty 6 ARC brass and then three hundred 6.5 Creedmoor cases. All cases were properly annealed. Later I ran a few 7mm Rem Mag with the same good results. I can not praise enough the quality or the functionality of the annealer. In addition, when I email AGS with a few questions, I received a quick reply from Stefan on each occasion. I would definitely recommend the AGS Annealer to my friends and others that are considering an annealing machine.
    To speed up the annealing process, I took a piece of plywood with a hole cut into it, placed that on a clean paint can and the annealer on top. The annealed cases dropped through the hole into the paint can. Beats continually emptying a small tray that only holds a few large cases.

  16. Randy

    Have no fear in ordering from Stefan. He is a great communicator that answers e-mail ASAP.
    The product is first class. Easy to set up and use. DHL shipping can’t be beat. Annealing is a breeze. You will be happy to own a AGS annealer.

  17. Rick vanord (verified owner)

    Get one of these its great. I ordered an extra torch holder and riser plates. It came with the extra hole drilled. 2 burner system. You cant beat this for the price. It got here in good time. Customer support is 5 star too

  18. Jason (verified owner)

    First off Stefan’s customer service is top notch, 5 stars there, all questions/concerns answered promptly! The unit itself, very strong and precisely machined. I ordered the Extra Torch Holder along with the Riser, all packaged neatly in the same box. To my surprise the hole for the second torch holder came pre drilled. Very happy with the overall transaction, would buy again and recommend to anyone! Thanks Stefan!!!

  19. Mark (verified owner)

    I ordered my annealer and didn’t get a notice from DHL, I emailed Stefan and had a response in minutes. I haven’t received my annealer yet but if his product is as good as his service, he will continue to get my business.

  20. Darby L Morgan (verified owner)

    Surprisingly fast shipping, best value for the money. This unit has already paid for itself in brass savings. I’ve already used it for 5,000 pieces and only owned it 3 weeks. Cannot say enough positive about it. And, great communication from the company! All around solid piece of equipment, if you are considering an annealer, this is the first and last place to shop. Set up to full production in 10 to 15 minutes, simple to adjust, great to use. Thank you for a very well built compact annealer.

  21. Victor Hernandez (verified owner)

    Thank You Stefan I received the annealer today 9/6/21 ahead of schedule. Excellent quality set up and did 50 rounds in about 3 minutes. Will recommend your annealer to my shooting friends. Thank you for the great customer service.

  22. michael hagan (verified owner)

    Ordered 9/3/21,got notification from Stefan for the order. Received 9/13/21. Works great and would recommend to anyone looking for a well built and designed annealer.

  23. Gerald (verified owner)

    Very simple to use, well built, and AWESOME customer service. Stefan will email you with a day or less when you have questions.

  24. Jim (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with this annealer. I received the machine within 1 week of ordering. I annealed about 300 pieces of brass today. I am very happy with the results.

  25. Don Boelling (verified owner)

    I bought one of these and it works great! Very easy to use. I recommend the optional stand as well as it gives you more height. I also aded torch and a hose to my propane bottle to be more flexible for torch placement.

  26. Derek Williams (verified owner)

    Thanks Stefan for the very professional way you do business! I’m impressed with the very quick response to E mail. The standard annealer I purchased is very well made, very well engineered and easy to use. I was pleased to see that shipping to the USA from Serbia was less than ten days. I am looking forward to receiving the 50 cal unit and appreciate your willingness to make the bushing modifications for me. It truly is a pleasure to do business with you! Don’t change your business plan of quality products at a fair price and great customer service! I look forward to seeing more great products from your company and doing more business with you in the future!

  27. Tim Wells (verified owner)

    I ordered the annealer, riser, and extra spacers. The AGS annealer is of a very high-quality all I purchased this annealer after researching many different models and brands. I read other reviews, watched video reviews and demonstrations, and even videos from Stefan himself replying to reviews and listening to what customers had to say about his annealer. He has made a few updates to the annealer, proving he listens to what buyers wanted to see changed. I also read many testimonies of how fast the shipping is. Well, it’s true what the other reviewers say. My unit was shipped the same day it was ordered, December 20. It arrived from Serbia today (Serbia to Indiana) December 28, this includes the Christmas delays! I’ve had shipping between US states take longer than that! The annealer was packaged very well using a box and bubble wrap, it arri-metal housing and components that are a very nice fit and finish. The parts are lathed and machined very well and seem to be stainless steel and aluminum. The electronics and wiring look nice with uniform and quality connections. I see no reason to purchase any other unit, this one should fit your needs and from the looks of it, probably last a lifetime. Good Job Stefan, thanks for the high-quality annealer at a great price! I’d rather give my money to a person who truly cares about the product that he created and stands behind, than a company that mass produces overpriced products that are designed to fail after a few years.

  28. Kevin Oerther (verified owner)

    Product was ordered on Monday 10/4/21 arrived Friday 10/8/21. Visa processing was excellent. Product was excellent after minor adjustments to set screws. Product runs as expected. Stephan is a honest man and makes an honest product. The world could use more men like him. Where others would rip you blind, he does business the way honest men do business. From Serbia to KY USA in 4 days in the middle of a Covid crisis. WOW! Stephan is one tight group shooter.

  29. Charles Stanley

    Very fast shipping and very easy to do business with. I recommend his company and product to other people looking for an annealer.

  30. Steve Anagnostou (verified owner)

    I have been using the AGS Brass Annealer for a while now. Shipping to Australia was very quick, even with the lead time. It is a very well made piece of equipment & impressed with it and it’s simplicity. It does exactly what is supposed to do, and once set up its very easy to anneal a good quantity of brass in one session. The only thing i could say is the catch tray is a bit small and you have to empty it quite often if you are doing bulk brass, but this is just a minor thing.

  31. Tim Owens (verified owner)

    I ordered my Annealer on January 5th and Stephan emailed me immediately and let me know that Christmas is celebrated there on January 6th so it might slow down shipping. Apparently not. I already received my Annealer today. (January 14th). How could you ask for more than that for service? It is exactly as described, I have not used it yet but expect nothing short of perfection with it. Thank you Stephan!

  32. Adam (verified owner)

    This Is hands down the best gas annealer in my opinion. It’s simple, robust, and compact. Every piece on it has been machined perfectly, every edge chamfered. I am seriously impressed with the construction and am so glad I didn’t try to DIY my own annealer. I would not have been able to make anything close to this quality for this price. And the shipping was insane. 5 days to ship from Serbia to Texas! I am 1,000% satisfied with my purchase.

  33. Anthony (verified owner)

    I really love this annealer it was sent and received with warp speed! Awesome manufacturing every detail was well thought out! Works great everytime I use it, but more importantly then anything is the customer service Stefan provides. I have purchased additional add-ons and Stefan has emailed me with details immediately. Stefan stands behind his product and customer service! Others should take lessons of being an honest business owner from Stefan!
    Thanks Stefan for producing great products and providing excellent customer service! You have a forever customer here and will always recommend you!

  34. Lee (verified owner)

    Great machine, very well made. Easy to find a power supply. Arrived in 4 days, fastest I have ever seen to the Northwest US from anywhere that I have seen.

  35. Jim (verified owner)

    Very well built. Works without a flaw. I’ve been using this for more than a year now. .e and a buddy have ran probably 6000 pcs of brass through it without a hitch. I’m ordering another one for a friend.

  36. Nile (verified owner)

    Got it fast 4 days to west coast. That is fast. The only thing I am changing is the bolt holding the torch. One that is longer and attach a nut. Other than that, this machine is well made, great price and fast shipping.

  37. Paul

    Ultra fast shipping and delivery. Good price, excellent quality and is all that I anticipated. Thanks Stafan.

  38. Matthew (verified owner)

    Purchased for a project converting 6.5 Creedmoor and 308/7.62 brass into 8.6 Blackout. Wanted to anneal the area of the new neck. Works great, simple and effective design, great price, and arrived quickly. I should have ordered the extension legs for annealing 338 Lapua brass, but it’s easy enough to improvise more clearance. Very well done, sir.

  39. Robert (verified owner)

    What a wonderful piece of equipment. Well made, promptly shipped and received. AND, it does what it is advertised to do.

    If using for rifle length brass, the riser is recommended. Other then that, boom, done, works.

    A happy user…

  40. Tony Leah

    top quality,good design,well packaged,tracked it all the way into uk.some minor customs charges but considering the original cost its a bargain. put a made in usa badge on it,it would be 4 times the price.Stefan answered my questions within minutes.even told me where to get a power lead from. 10/ guy.

  41. Harry (verified owner)

    Finally got some time to set this absolutely outstanding annealer! Delivery was 5 days from Serbia to Colorado just amazing!

    The unit is made with great detail and a very professional quality build. Can’t even express how pleased I am with this unit.

    Stop looking and just buy it, because you won’t regret it!

  42. John (verified owner)

    Great product. Very smooth operation, can easily anneal 100 cases in 20 minutes with uniform results. I received my annealer (shipped to Arizona) in 7 days from the time I placed the order.

  43. Andreas Giljarhus Nondal

    I recived the annealer 7 days after i ordered it. Quick to set up and excellent craftsmanship in the assembly. Used around 15 min to set it up and dial it in. Then I ran my first batch of 6.5×55 trough it. Super happy with this purchase.

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