Our History

Beginning of the Journey

It all started as a hobby back in 2014, while I was still working as a bank manager, and I was quite into airguns and tuning and regulating them. Since I needed a lot of custom-made parts for those airgun tunes and regulators, I purchased a 7×12″ bench lathe and heavily modified it so it could perform better. This was located in my kitchen, in a flat that I used to live in.
After experiencing certain health issues, I quit my banking job and decided to offer my custom airgun parts online, initially through eBay. At about the same time, I started hunting and got in touch with firearms. In 2016, a long-range match was held on a nearby shooting range (500 m). I went there and competed with my hunting rifle at that time (8×57 Yugo M48). And finished second, out of 80 contestants. That was my way into the long-range shooting. Shortly after that, I got my first real F-Class rifle, chambered in 6.5×47 Lapua. That caliber is not quite common in my country and brass is scarce, so soon enough, I was in a spot where I had to find a way to prolong their usage. Out of some scrap material I had around in my shop, I made the initial version of what would later be known as AGS Annealer.

Back Then...

I shared photos and videos of it on several boards and Facebook groups, and many people started asking me if I was going to offer it for sale, how they could purchase one, etc. It was something rather different than the airgun stuff I already produced and offered, but it sounded like something I could give a try. I have altered the design slightly and came up with a product that is affordable, lightweight, compact, and easy to maintain and use – the AGS Annealer. 
Since then, the design has been improved a bit, as I constantly listen to the market and the buyers, and I have made several models more. Our shop has grown since, but never changed the initial vision and mission of providing affordable products without compromising quality. At the moment, several CNC lathes and CNC mills are running, and there are three of us dedicated to growing and improving further.

Brass annealer tryout

First model that was made


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Our History

AGS Custom Parts Today: Precision Redefined

AGS Custom Parts has evolved beyond its initial experiment, growing into a reputable brand synonymous with precision and innovation. The AGS Annealer, born from a personal need, has become an affordable, lightweight, and globally recognized solution for precision reloading. This annealing marvel boasts a compact design, ensuring lower worldwide postage costs for enthusiasts.The success of the AGS Annealer is not just about affordability and lightweight features. It's a story of calculated adjustments, meticulous design alterations, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Today, AGS Custom Parts proudly presents a product that is not just easy to maintain but sets a benchmark for user-friendly reloading solutions.As we continue to fine-tune our products, our commitment to providing shooters with consistent, reliable, and cost-effective reloading experiences remains unwavering. The journey from a personal experiment to a globally recognized brand reflects our dedication to elevating the shooting experience for enthusiasts worldwide. Join us as we redefine precision in every reload with AGS Custom Parts.

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