First model of AGS Annealer was made for my needs – my brass had 3 or 4 firings, and even with FL sizing and using medium loads, my case extracting became hard, bullet seating not consistent, and loads that were proven to be accurate, started to scatter on the target. Knowing everything else was fine, I knew its time to get new cases. Or anneal the old ones. Annealing was a cheaper option in a long run (Lapua cases for 6.5x47L are a bit pricey) so I went ahead and made me one. Rather simple in design, I made that prototype from mostly scrap materials that I had in my shop. And it worked great. I shared photos and videos of it on several boards and FB groups, and a lot of people started asking me am I going to offer it for sale, how can they purchase one…

It was something rather different than the airgun stuff I already produce and offer, but it sounded like something I could give a try.

So I sat down, done the calculations, altered the design slightly, and came up with a product that is affordable, lightweight (for lower worldwide postage costs), compact, easy to maintain and use – the AGS Annealer.