Using AGS Annealer

– Annealing made affordable and simple

AGS Brass Case Annealer 3.0

– New version features and upgrades walkthrough

AGS Annealer in the works

– User submitted video

PWM Adjustments on AGS Annealer 3.0

– Menu section explained

Annealing Guide

– proper annealing processes demonstration – by PrimalRights’ YT channel

The Science behind Annealing Brass

– Annealing is a heat treatment of brass that alters the physical and/or chemical properties of a material in order to make it more workable


– Tempilaq ® Indicating Liquid is a quick and easy method to verify the achievement of a specific temperature on your brass

Detailed customer review

– AGS Brass Annealer detailed review on YouTube by Flooded

AGS Review Response

– Stefan’s answer to Flooded review

User Videos