AGS Brass Annealer 3.0

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US $ 290.00

AGS Brass Case Annealer 3.0 – for multiple calibers, with digital PWM controller (adjustable from 2.5 to 10 seconds) and interchangeable inserts, and taller than previous two versions. Three sets of inserts are included – one set is for .223 and alike cases (with .402″ – 10.2 mm opening), one set is for .308 and alike cases (with .492″ – 12.5 mm opening) and one set is for cases with .532 base and alike (with .543″ – 13.8 mm opening). Use without inserts for .338 and alike (.622″ – 15.8 mm opening).

Additional custom insert sizes are available per request.

Torch holder accepts 1/2” diameter torches, and its adjustable for height. Annealer base is pre-drilled for those that want and need second torch holder. It also comes with sharpie holder for those who want to mark their brass (0.421″ opening).

Cases are rotated on heating station with separate motor for even heat spread during the annealing process.

Power charger included – 12V DC 2A – which comes with multi (US/UK/EU) wall plugs.

Compact size, 6×6”, and approximately 4.3″ tall.

What’s included in the package:
1x AGS Annealer 3.0
1x Wall Charger 12V 2A with EU/US/UK interchangeable plug
1X Inserts set with .402” – 10.2 mm opening
1x Inserts set with .492” – 12.5 mm opening
1x Inserts set with .543” – 13.8 mm opening
1x Torch holder that accepts 1/2” diameter torch heads
1x Sharpie holder with 0.421″ opening

Worldwide shipping with fully trackable service is included in the price. Shipping is FREE.

Current turnaround time is up to 3 days, but we usually ship out the next business day.

This turnaround time does not apply to custom orders.

Important – we strongly advise you to set up timing and flame every time when you anneal with Tempilaq for proper and consistent results, unless you have regulated burner/s.

PWM controller comes preset for usage, there is no need to adjust it in “MENU” section. User manual is digital and its on the lower part of this page.

Add: Second Torch Holder?

Add: Extra Inserts Set?

Product price:US $ 290.00
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17 reviews for AGS Brass Annealer 3.0

  1. John

    You have created a solid product at a good price. You know I am retired and I like others do not have the cash to buy a $2000.00 AMP. I don’t see the need as long as I set up and monitor with Tempilac. I belong to a shooting club with 110 members. I will show the 3.0 and am pretty sure I can drum up more business for You.

  2. Jeff

    The first thing you notice after opening is the small footprint and excellent machining! I opted for the
    optional torch holder thinking it would be better to heat to temp (680F) faster while not heating the lower part (mid and head of case). I also am using regular propane tanks with extension hoses. I figure less weight on torch brackets is better. Hoses Available at Home Depot. I use the
    shut off valves on tanks and leave the torch valves where they were the last session. I have to agree
    that every time I set up for a new batch, I verify my set up with Tempilaq. I put 700F on the inside of
    clean neck. Then I paint a 1/4″line of 650F below junction of Case body and shoulder. I am able to reach a good result at 69% setting with .012″ neck .308 cases (about 2 seconds). Every Situation will
    vary. You can rest assured the quality and repeatability of AGS 3.0 is as good as it gets. Stefan is great
    to deal with so Customer Service is also excellent. Yep, I would recommend this to any shooter/reloader who is interested in annealing for increased consistency.

  3. Charles J.

    I just opened the package, and I am very impressed. The quality of the packaging, machining, and attention to detail in the design are very good. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but the overall build quality and the quality of the components are far better than expected in the marketplace today.


    Just received my AGS -3 annealer. Glad I chose this model with updated features. Compact,quite, excellent machining! If I can only find some ADG brass!.Had looked at many other “units.” Prior before purchasing this one. Nice work Stephan. Hope to contact you personally. Thanks,Ken.

  5. Patrick

    I received my AGS 3.0 annealer today. I can’t believe you got it to Texas so fast. It’s really well made and is exactly what I need. Thank you for your work and extremely fast shipping.

  6. Scott

    Received my AGS Annealer yesterday – this unit is incredible. I have rigged up an old ammo can to collect hot brass and run hoses to remote tank. Works like a champ!

    Thanks for a great unit at a great price!

  7. Wally

    Awesome customer service

  8. Kirk

    Thanks again for everything Stefan! I will recommend you products!

  9. Brad

    Haven’t used it yet, but craftsmanship is unmatched. Well done!

  10. Marc

    I was in the market for a brass annealer and took a leap of faith and ordered the 3.0 from AGS. This was my first international order. I ordered the 3.0 annealer on Friday 19May2023 and it was on my front door step in Maine on Friday 26May2023. I tested the 3.0 annealer out last night on 29May2023 it works as advertized and made quick work of 500 pieces of brass. I wish i had ordered the additional torch holder. Stefan answers emails pretty quick.
    The unit was well packaged, no damage, it arrived 4 days ahead of tracking notice. Thank You Stefan for making my first international order a great experience.

  11. Rob

    Canadian precision guy here. I wish I’d tried it this way years ago!
    Until recently I’ve been using a drill and stopwatch for annealing. I noticed my standard deviations were worsening.
    This solved that problem.
    First batch annealed by using the tempilaq method to set the timing.
    I only had one small issue that Stefan fixed within minutes of my email.
    Grad A customer service that’s hard to find these days.
    Buy with confidence guys and girls.

  12. Cecil

    Stefan has designed and built an elegant workable machine. Simple to understand and use. The controller works flawlessly. The bigger the number, the shorter the time. I found my machine’s settings were 70 for ~3 seconds with predictable times for others. Lapua Grinch (Grendel brass) took a setting of 53 for 750F tempilaq painted on inside of necks to melt. If you do your part, this machine makes annealing simple fast and accurate. Well designed, packaged, remarkable attention to detail. Well done, Stefan.

  13. Victor Hernandez

    Stephan I have one of the first versions of your annealer. It has provided me with good dependability and very consistent annealing of my brass. Just wanted to let you know your new version looks amazing but my older one is still working fine. Thank you for a well built unit, and continued success.

  14. lepeigneux thierry

    Hâte de le recevoir !

  15. Steve T

    I just received this product in a very short delivery time! And I really think it’s very well made and consistent…. For the money and the quality product, you have a winner here!

  16. Ford (verified owner)


    My annealer arrived safe and sound to Abilene, Texas early this am. Ordered on Monday 4/22 and arrived Friday 4/26. 4 day shipping from Serbia to Texas with stop in US Customs is unbelievable. Item well packaged and looks great. In process of setting it up. Your customer Service is beyond reproach and A++++++!! Thank you!!

  17. Jim S.

    Great product and even greater service, had a question and Stefan answered it the next day

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